Sunday, 7 March 2010

Could not resist....

Ok is official (not that I really had any doubt)... My Name is Vanessa and I am addicted to crafting!  How have I suddenly had this epiphany, well...  I was supposed to be going to the SECC craft fair with a friend (hello debbie) and unfortunately she had to cancel due to other commitments (yes I know what is more important than crafting. lol).  So I thought well not worth going on my own as the company is preferrable, however the need to buy some crafty stash took over and dragged me (I would like to say kicking and screaming but that would be an utter lie) to the craft fair on my lonesome!

This is completely unlike me as I am a big scaredy cat...

But I really enjoyed myself.  Everyone was very friendly and I soon got chatting to other crafters so a great time was had and lots of money spent.  However, I completely disregarded my own advice to look first, take note of prices etc, go have lunch and then come back and make considered purchases!!  First stall visited had fabby Martha Stewart punches which I had to have.. few stalls down they were a little bit cheaper.. doh BUT they did not have the ones that I had just got, so no loss really (thats my excuse and I am sticking to it).

After this I did learn my lesson and perused before spending any more dosh.  So here is a picture of my purchases..

Not the greatest picture (no surprises there!) but here is the list:

4 Sugar Nellie Stamps
2 Pirate Stamps
2 Musical Stamps (electric guitar and musical note)
Jean Pocket Stamp
Baby Sentiment Stamp
Tea Stamp Set
Hobby Art Seaside Stamp Set
do you think I like stamps.....
2 Packets of ProMarkers
4 Martha Stewart Punches

Not bad for a couple of hours browsing!  However, the reason I went was to get some eclipse tape from Stamp Addicts and guess what - they did not have the big roll that I wanted...  think they thought I was strange though as I kept visiting their stall, a few items had taken my eye but the purse had taken a hammering and refused to let me spend any more.

But I am glad I went but hope that Debbie can accompany me to the next one - you were missed D.

Anyway better go hubby thinks I am attached to this computer and is feeling slightly neglected.  Ta ta Vx


  1. Hi V!!!

    Wow! I'm so impressed that you went along - brave woman! That's a fantastic array of purchases you made, how did you carry it all around with you?? So wish I'd been able to go
    now :o( I'm really looking forward to seeing your next batch of cards made with these babies!

  2. Vanessa...I missed the SECC this time as I am off work with a sore back although I am able to frequent my craft room periodially to do bits and pieces. I was having withdrawal symptons not going so I just had to do some online shopping instead!! I need to keep some pennies for my stampin Up demonstration in a few weeks...can't wait cos there will be fab stuff there too!! You can let me know how you get on with the Martha stewart punches.

    BTW - Eah im I go to the SECC my intention is to look first and then buy but something happens to me and I just have to buy before having a look. One thing I have learned is to take money with you start swiping the credi card you loose track of how much you spnd...big mistake!!