Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Here goes....

People keep telling me to start a blog to display my crafty items.  Ok why not?  And to add to it I can finally enter all these blog competitions!  Why not indeed!

Well - I am a married, mother of 3.  Currently on an extended career break of 6 years!!!  (No.3 was a surprise)  I took up card making 4 years ago and love it.  Its time when I get to do what I want (as long as I have someone looking after the kids that is.)  I am my own worse critic, rarely liking what I have made.  My kids (like most) are brutally honest about my creations so I always ask their opinion if I want/need the truth! 

Will have to trawl through some photo's to add but will start with some recent attempts...

I will hopefully get the hang of the blog to lay things out a bit better - eventually!

Well I suppose i will sign off for now (go and have a peek at some other blogs for inspiration.  Bye for now