Saturday, 23 June 2012

My First Digi page!!

Oh wow - how much fun are digi scrapbook pages!  I blame you Tracy (in a good way of course) after you told me about the free Daisytrail sample for Craft Artist!  Ohh you are right this could become very addictive :)  So here it is:

I thought this layout (one that came with the freebie) was great and summed up my three little monsters perfectly.  The top picture was my son hiding under his sisters bed waiting to scare her.  I get the feeling that there will be loads more of these coming your way.  Thanks for dropping by I would love to hear your comments please xx


  1. Fantastic, I love it :D xx

  2. Fantastic Vanessa, Ihave made 2 now but I am not brave enough to upload them,because they are pants :D

    Jane x

    1. I am sure they will not be Jane xx and thanks for the comment :)

  3. This looks good V.....I wouldn't have an inkling where to start :( x

  4. Thanks Barbara - its a great program think I might be addicted to something else now :D

  5. Love your scrapbook page Vanessa, hope you're on the mend following your op.