Tuesday, 6 July 2010

School Holidays

Well the school holidays have landed!  Yay at not having to get up early and do the school run.  Boo having even less time to get crafty.  Its great having the kids around though and they love crafting so must get started on their holiday scrap books.

Holiday started with a trip into Edinburgh on the train.  Its a journey I used to take every day before the birth of Lewis (my first kiddie) so did not hold much excitement for me other than the delighted faces of my three kids, who don't get on the train very often.  For oliver (my third kiddie) it was his first ever trip and he was really excited and excited shouts of 'choo choo' echoed through the carriage.

(not sure if OH was aiming for Oliver or my chest!!!)

My kids are fascintated with the trams that are currently being installed in the city so it was a must to go and visit the tram located in Prince's Street.  Still cannot understand the appeal to be honest at its costing a pretty penny too.  But alas there is no point moaning about it now!

Gemma and Lewis were impressed though.

We went for lunch at the Golden Arches (posh name for McDonalds) and then took a lovely walk to Stockbridge via the water of Leith and spotted this:

It gave OH perfect opportunity to try out the new camera.

Other than actually taking the kids out for a lovely day I also had another job to do... yes crafty.. a visit to a fantastic bead shop where I purchased some lovely goodies.  I have been making some stampboard jewellery and needed some findings.  A few beads just happened to pop in there too!!  Oops!!  Must have been browsing for an hour.  Kids were very good though and were helping pick beads for me.  However Gemma got fed up and went to see her dad who took this georgous photo:

She is such a pretty girl (takes the good looks from her Dad)

Will post some photo's of the finished articles (when I finally get round to finishing!!)

We then headed back up to Prince's Street gardens so the kids could have a play at the park and we could have a seat.

However, Oliver decided that he wanted to play on the big slide which required both me and OH to supervise.  Kids had a great time though and gave them an appetite for their Pizza Express!  Yum

Delicious it was too!  After that we headed back up to get the train and had a lovely journey home.

On the crafting front I was commissioned to do some baby cards.  I used the toppers (below) but then forgot to take a picture of the card!! Arg but the other two cards, made for the same set of twins, I did remember to photograph.

Anyway will finish this later OH just calling from London.  TTFN Vx


  1. Gorgeous photos, V, looks like you had a lovely day. The cards are cute too!

    Debbie x

  2. Hiya, just popped over from Twitter to see your cards. The kids look so excited to be out and about on the Train. Hope all is well and you don't have cabin fever like me, mind you the weather is much better now. Hazelxox