Thursday, 18 February 2010

Now I know why I kept putting it off..

Well having three kids is very time consuming especially when they are all under 6!  Always mean to blog but someone is usually nipping at my heals requiring something.  Although my daughter has been a great source of entertainment over the last couple of weeks.  She has just turned 5 and is still having tantrums.... i thought they should have passed by now but friends tell me they just get worse with age.  I suppose they master them the more experienced they get. 

I will share one episode as it really did make me giggle.  It all started when she was writing the alphabet and she got a b and d mixed up.  I commented on what a lovely 'd' she had written - no she replied 'its not a d its a b' paddy ensued when I would not concur.  Ended up in my daughter being possessed by someone not of this world and her having to be carried upstairs to her room.  Not willing to remain there I had to hold the door closed until she calmed down.  But before she calmed down she uttered the following (please read this in a very screamy woman possesed voice to get full effect) "if you do not let me out of this room now you're......... FIRED".  I still have not been reinstated so I should probably change this to read mother of 2!

Anyhooo - on to things crafty. Despite being fired I managed to make a Birthday Card for my ermm daughter.... it was very sparkly and does have scallops along the bottom which appear to have been cut off when scanning!  Really need to get a new camera..

Used a Stampin Up stamp on this Birthday card from and idea pinched at a Stampin Up party a couple of weeks ago.

Need to go as my youngest has woken up from his nap.  Will try and get back soon.  Ta ta

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